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The console application is called DnsChangerConsole.exe can be run from the windows command prompt.
Running it without any arguments produces a usage screen listing the available options.

DnsChangerConsole.exe <arg1> [<arg2>]
  where <arg1> is one of the following.
    <arg1> = m,manual to 'insert the comma seperated list of servers from <arg2>'
    <arg1> = get,getdns,current to 'print the current servers to the screen'
    <arg1> = backup to 'save the current settings so they can be restored'
    <arg1> = restore to 'restore the backed up settings'
    <arg1> = a,auto,automatic to 'Automatic' (obtain the DNS server address automatically)
    <arg1> = g,google,googledns to 'Google' (
    <arg1> = o,open,opendns to 'OpenDNS' (
    <arg1> = f,fool,fooldns to 'FoolDNS' (

The first thing to do is run
DnsChangerConsole.exe backup

then you can always restore using
DnsChangerConsole.exe restore

The backup option will write your current settings to the config file, if you are currently obtaining the DNS server address automatically the code will not know this and will simply write the IP address to the config so it is worth checking this so you can restore using
DnsChangerConsole.exe auto

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